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TeraLink-X USB audio converter (USB-to-SPDIF)


TeraLink-X   USB audio converter


  1. USB audio input socket  x 1
  2. Coaxial (75ohm) spdif output x 1
  3. Optical spdif output x 1
  4. BNC (75ohm) spdif output x 1
  5. I2S output x 1
  6. power supply :  external DC 8~ 12 V or  USB bus power
  7. dimensions:  84mm * 71mm * 25mm.

Plugging this device through USB cable to your PC USB port, you can connect any of the output port to your favorite DAC.  If your DAC provides I2S port, you could use the I2S output  of this TeraLink-X through RJ45 cable to your DAC directly.  This I2S point-to-point connection provides the ultimate performance.  The onboard low jitter crystal clock can be upgraded to higher precision crystal to boost the global performance.   This Teralink-X is a plug-and-play device without installing any device driver in Windows-based  OS (XP, Vista, Windows 2003)

We used to custom build NOS TDA1543 based DAC for the retailers.  They are successfully and quickly sold in the public e_B_a_y.  If you are interested in this product and would like to sell it, plese mail me for discussing the implementation.  We can then custom build it for you with your favorite parts and external box.

teradak888 (at)  hotmail.com

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